seo website audit

html & CSS

Ever wanted your own custom webpage for your business or hobby? I work one-on-one with each of my clients to determine how I can tailor each site to best suit their needs, from color schemes to navigation preferences to social network integration. I even take photos and create custom images.

PHP Databases

Need to keep a record of your customers and their information like their emails? Need an efficient way to display your products and services? Want your customers to be able to place orders or even pay online? Let Elegant Designs do all this and more for your business! Click here to see more administrative features that could be on your very own site.


My Portfolio

Check out my experience and skills on my portfolio page. You can take a look at my past work, as well as see what projects I am working on right now. Don't see a skill you need? Let me know! I love to take on challenges to develop my skills and pick up new languages.