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Does penis enlargement products work?

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016

Ever wondered what would come up if you Googled “Penis Enlargement products”? Well If you did you might have noticed that this particular topic is surprisingly popular. To be precise, if you come up with this idea, you will find that there are more than 4.47 million search results on this topic. Surely not all of this bright ideas that you may find on how to get bigger will give you the answer you were searching for. First, you must ask yourself why are you really doing a research on this topic. Is it just curiosity or maybe something else? Find more on mensizematters.thumb-029fa21bfbd78f945a4320633784eaf0

So, after realizing that maybe you are not that satisfied as you thought, with the size of your manhood, you want to try to do something about it. The average penis size, according to many research studies, goes from 3 to 5 inches( around 8 to 13 centimeters) when flaccid, and 5 go 7 inches(13 to 18 centimeters) when fully erect. So any penis that is in size below these numbers would be considered a small one, and this condition is called micropenis.

What can one do about this condition?

Well, have no fear, there are many ways you can achieve greatness in size, and boost your sexual self-esteem to the sky and possibly beyond. Over 45 % of men are unsatisfied with the length of their junk, knowing this you must realize that society noticed this concern and did something about it.

First products released were pumps and exercising devices that work to this day on the same principle. The idea was to stretch the penile muscles to the desired size, this exercise is to be done daily. There is a program that comes with this kind of products, it is to be followed step by step in order to avoid injuries.


These muscles that are being stretched contribute to longer erection and support the arteries that are pumped with blood-making the penis grow in size. Pumps like this guarantee growth in size and girth of the penis, resulting in increasing numbers of satisfied customers around the world. There are also a variety of pills that have the same effects and are medically tested by companies that follow health regulations.

35These pills that you can find and order online on any legit website, are basically chemically processed herbs that are used for thousands of years in Europe as a cure for erectile dysfunction and impotence problems. Herbs provide customers the same effect as a pump would, the only difference is that no exercises are involved and there is no change in your everyday life routine. They are completely safe to use and the only downfall is that the process of growing a couple of inches takes time, up to 60 days upon taking the first pill. But hey, at least they work 100% percent and you don’t need to give absurd amounts of money to some shady plastic surgeon to acquire skin from another guys junk in order for you to grow a couple inches in size.

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